School time coverage

Provides coverage while an insured student is on school premises during the days and months that school is in session; traveling directly to or from their residents and school in a vehicle supplied by the school; and participating in or attending activities sponsored solely by the school that are continually supervised by a school official or employee. One day field trips and religious education classes are included. All high-school interscholastic football activities are excluded, unless the applicable additional premium is paid.

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Applies 24 hours/day, whether school is in session or not. The insurance is provided from the effective date of the insured student’s coverage to the termination date of the policy. All high-school interscholastic football activities are excluded unless the applicable additional premium is paid.



High-School Interscholastic Football

Coverage is provided during play, practice, or travel in connection with interscholastic football in which any 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade school participates. This coverage is included if provided for in the enrollment form and additional premium is paid.

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Gene Weber Agency has been a pioneer of providing student accident insurance programs for over 30 years.

 At GWA we provide pre-K to grade 12 student accident insurance coverage. This is an easy way for you to ensure your students have the vital & affordable protection they need. As a parent or a school, our coverage can protect your student during the school day activities or around-the-clock with the option of adding additional coverage for accident dental and football where available.

Our Pre-K to grade 12 programs offer Blanket or Voluntary plans.

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